Horse players system disk takes on all challengers!
This by far is the Cadillac of systems. We challenge any system
on the market today, regardless of the cost, to come even close
to obtaining the results we do on this disk.

Fact: Gold Mine Handicapping is without a doubt one of the most successful handicapping systems
on the market today, bar none. With an astonishing ITM and ROI ratio, you can try them all,
then judge for yourself. You will clearly see why we offer the guarantee that we do. It's called
confidence in our product. Many top system players who used the old fashion number crunching
system have converted to our system with remarkable results.Why lose one day and then win the next? This method is totally unacceptable, and makes no sense at all. If this is you then our disk
is a must have. Again I have to say just be truthful, and ask yourself how many times did you go
to all the trouble of downloading a program, or data only to find that none of the horses
that were suppose to be at the wire were ever there. Sound familiar ?

We have gone to great lengths to research a lot of variables. Also we can clearly show you
what numbers really count, and why a lot of high beyer figures don't play into a race
as much as they would like you to believe. We explain danger signs, and certain keys
to watch for when handicapping a race. on paper Bernardini appeared to be unbeatable
but it is what you don't see that really counts. I would definitely have to say that one of our
strongest assets of this disk is a two fold method, not only does this disk show you
exactly what horses to bet, and why, but you as a member will also have access
to our personal handicapping picks which currently are one of the highest ITM and ROI
in the industry. Gold mine picks in itself are well worth the money, just add up what you
are currently paying for handicapping picks and compare those figures to ours.

Cashing tickets and making a profit is what this system is all about. WE have been
Handicapping major races for over 40 years now, Handicapping a minor, or major race
is only one small part of this scenario. It is how you construct and cover your bets
that determines if you go home a winner or a loser. If you play it right you won't be beat.
The "Sports of Kings," has changed dramatically! and so have the tracks .

Many of our members continue to ask questions. How are we consistently picking
winners and able to be so much more consistent than other handicapping systems?
The answer is simply that it all comes down to two categories. You either have
handicapping software, or handicapping systems. So, what really is the difference
between the two versions? The major difference between the two, is winning or losing.

ANSWER: They are totally different, and not even in the same ball park. Handicapping
software will look at beyer figures, but is unable to accommodate trouble spots in the race.
Things like being left at the gate, being boxed in, dueling from the quarter pole or the three
eights. Ours is a "handicapping system," which looks at a number of factors such as:

1. Breeding
2. Trainers
3. Dosage
4. CI
5. DI
6. Post position
7. Blinkers
8. Lasix
9. Distance
10. Conditions

and 9 other factors we put together to see who meets all of our criteria for todays race
So, we ask the question, "What program would a true horse player want for their handicapping,
and in edition have access to goldmine handicapping sheets, and our free picks page.

As an additional feature we offer customers our own personal picks, putting the horse
to the course. The Picks pages are for members only and are intended to teach
you the secrets behind hitting the big races more consistently. It is for this reason
alone that we have one of the highest ROI'S (Return On Investments) and ITM'S
(In The Money) on the market. This system has been tested by some of the best
handicappers in the industry, and we will gladly put this system against any other
system currently on the market.Read our reviews! We will not take a back seat to anyone.

Success is what we are all about! May 3, 2008 look for Gold Mine Handicapping
at the Kentucky Derby as we firmly believe we will have more winners that day,
then any other system or program currently on the market today. Our continued success
and increasing membership is why we still remain the No# 1 system disk currently
on the market.
Our 5 star Criss Cross system has been rated one of the top pay off systems
currently in the industry. Players who play the gimmicks will appreaciate and see why we continue
to hit many large pick 3's and pick 4's . Our back-wheel and criss cross system are used by many
system players who successfully reap many of the large pay-offs offered at todays racetracks.

It's a combination of street smarts and money management. The real ins and outs
of racing the way you have never imagined. Things only touched on by other programs,
and present certain stats that give false readings to a computer. We will show you exactly
why you are currently losing. Have you ever broken down a form, or had computer read
outs only to lose to a horse the form says shouldn't have been there? So, how does
a person cover such a bet? Did you over look something? This is why our system works
and we get the results that we do. We find many horse players lose because they truly
do not know how to cover their bets. This handicapping disk will not only show you how
to bet, but also point out certain red flags to avoid. Known world wide and one of the top
performers in the industry. Canadians have said that we have left no stone unturned!


Here you are looking at a $10,000. claiming race and trying to pick out the winner.
Well, horse # 1 is a first time starter, and therefore any kind of breeding, or form at all,
he could very well take home the purse. Then we have horse # 2 who is an allowance horse
going down in class. The same principle holds true for this horse. If he has any spark at all
then he too could get a piece of the pie. Now, we come to horse # 3 who is a $15,000 claimer.
He too has the potential to, "upset the apple cart." Also entered in this race is a shipper
from overseas who is currently running very cheap, or was he? If you have to bet a race like
the one you in either your pick 6's, or pick 3's do you know how to cover yourself?
We want to show you how cover certain betting situations that may arise.

tips & tricks



We ask you to compare your current pay-offs with the system you are now using, and by far
you will see that our "CRISS CROSS" system is far superior to any other system currently
on the market. this is the only criss cross system sold world wide, and is intended to fill the voids
which enable a horse player to cash in on those pick 3's tri's and super tickets.

This disk will go into detail about prep races, beatable races, dosage, class, pace, mud,
turf, weight, trainer angles, track bias, jockey switches, breeding, workouts, post
position, trainer stats, winning odds, condition, and winning strategies. If you continue
losing' it's your own fault. We go so far as to put are reputation on the line. That's how
confident we are. Starters, Claimers, Alw, Graded, I guarantee this disk will put a new
perspective, and greatly improve on the way you bet, and open your eyes to what is really
in front of you, Our system has been race tested throughout the world and is used worldwide.

Be loyal to this system, and I'm sure you will agree about the statement we made
earlier. This alone is the main reason we are asking $199.00. I know if you are a true
horse player then it is possible that you could lose that much in a day. So, do you
know how much money you should take to the race track in order to make this system work
for you and come alive? There definitely is a magic number. In order to obtain the wealth
that is offered to the betting public you will defifiately need any extra angle or system tool
available. knowlegde is power and our system disk takes a back seat to no one.
Here is our challenge ,with the Kentucky Derby right around the corner WE will
make a statement that the members who use our disk and our Gold miners picks
will have more winners on that day than any other handicapping software, or tip sheet
currently on the market today. We didn't get to be the No#1 system disk over night and we
are fully confident that we will be here for some time to come!

We give our members every angle possible to make them a more prepared player
and teach you how to cover your bets or investments and why. One tip or win will easily
pay for this system disk. This is why we show you the pit falls that many handicappers
continue to fall into and how to avoid them. Race 7 non-winners of two at a mile.
Purse $5,000. Trainer A has a horse that is 3 lengths faster than any horse entered
into todays race. Question is he going to try to win this race? If not, do you know why?
What you will learn from this disk might shock-you but this is one of the main reasons
that we remain the # 1 system disk currently on the market. We will take you into
certain scenarios that every handicappers faces at one time or another when placing a bet.
Bottom line we are in it to win it. When it comes to handicapping we do our homework.
When you win, we do to. And we did not get to where we are today overnight.
Our picks are genuine. click on our example picks page to see a sample.

WE advertise every other month because our system sells itself. No one else offers
a horse player the guarantee that we do? Our new Gold Mine Pro 3 edition
also shows you ways smart money avoids being detected on the odds board, and here again
is learning how to cover your bet, As we all know one tip can help you hit that pick 4
or maybe even that pick 6. We saved our best for last. Many handicappers continue to pay upward
from $5.00 to $20.00 or more weekly and still are not able to obtain the results that we do,
and as a member you will get our Gold Mine Picks for free. We have done intense research
for winning angles, and patterns, all trainers prepare and train different in both their work outs,
and races. In General race tracks have different speed biases, and what ever it takes we fully intend
to stay on top and give our members any key points and information that they will be able
to use when handicapping a race or playing the gimmicks. Our system disk is globally used
and known worldwide! Gold Mine picks are 5 star and well worth the price of this disk.

WE at goldmine handicapping truly believe in the theory courses for horses, and this
reason alone is why we are so successful today, as we combine many factors into
our handicapping picks, especially with a lot of tracks going to the new poly surfaces which
will greatly change certain bias and in turn change the outcome of certain types of races.
This is one of the main reason we strive to stay one step above of the competion at all times.
We hear and listen our members needs, and stay focused on what really counts.

Bottom line we do our homework. We've gathered every system and pick sheet
we could find for the May 3rd running of the Kentucky Derby and again our system disk
produced more winners and tri's then any sheet we were able to locate.

One winner will easily pay for this disk, but 10 losers can easily put a dent in your
paycheck. Our feedback speaks for itself. We have no negative feedback, and this disk
should accompany you every time you go to the track. With the upcoming Kentucky
Derby right around the corner it helps to have every handicapping tool available in your
corner, With shippers and the over seas horses you must stay on top of your
game to see a clear profit. And we fully intend to leave no stone unturned! You can
place your order here or visit our sister site above which is STREET SMARTS
for all the latest information in the racing industry. Still as of today 4/22/08 we do not
have one member who has played our picks and not made back their investment.
Can anyone else make this statement? Why pay for your picks or selections?
Members receive ours picks free of charge. This is one of the main reason why we are
constantly growing in members. All disk sales are final.





win picture


--Many handicapping systems
- advertised try to sell you
- a generator. For you to submit
- your own stats you have
- to download and program into
- this generator which can give you
- numerous readings. If the pace
- today is faster than the previous
- race then horse "A" will win.
- If the pace is slower than the last
- race then horse "B" will win.

- The facts presented might all be
- good if we say this horse always
- ran the same distance and
- always on the same track ,
- but in the world today we have
- a global picture with many
- trainers sending shippers.
- This is a big factor:

--When going to a different track,
--or surface your track variance
--will also change.

- Another big factor is if this horse
- goes from a 5 horse field to a 12
- horse field (plus draws an outside
- post position) again this too
- will have a major impact on the
- race results.

- Our system disk not only takes
- many of these factors into
- consideration, but will show you
- different angles, on how to cash
- those winning tickets.

- We have race tested our system
- and as we speak we have yet
- another handicapping tool
- presently being field tested
- for our members
- to incorporate into their
- handicapping strategies.

- So, why pay $5.00 AND MORE
- for race data, when we provide
- our picks which go thru a battery
- of tests? They must meet all of
- our criteria. Belmont, Churchill,
- Delmar, Calder, Hollywood.
- Today race tracks are not all
- alike!!
Starting points and
- track biases are all different.

- To put it in laymen terms we
- do our homework and refuse
- to take a back-seat to
- programs currently on the
- market. That is why we are
- still rated #1 by our members
- and continue to grow in leaps
- and bounds.

- If your intentions are to make
- some serious money and stay
- one step above the competition,
- then give our product a try. You
- are only as good as the
- competition! In this game
- remember:

It really IS what you don't know
that can hurt you!





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